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Plan 2 Retire

How long will your retirement savings last??

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an app to estimate your savings into and through retirement

Our Privacy Policy

Your data is personal to you and is respected by us. We collect your data for the purpose of projecting your financial position and to apply any modelling strategies you select.
Your data will not be used for any other purpose without your explicit permission. Your personally identified data is only stored on the device that you execute the app on.


We don't consider FBT and the impact it may have on your financial situation
We don't consider any dependent children you may have
Transitional SGC Rates for Norfolk Island residents are not applied
Div 293 Tax on superannuation contributions does not consider FBT or rental incomes as we do not capture that data
Claiming of a tax deduction for personal super contributions does not occur - instead all post tax super contributions are treated as non-concessional
Maximum Super Contributions Base as a cessation for superannuation contributions does not occur, instead we allow contributions to continue up to the Concessional Cap
Carry forward of unused Concessional Cap does not occur All wages and super contributions occur monthly at the start of the month
There are no other taxable earnings other than salary and earnings on non-super investments
Growth on non-super investment is income only, not capital, and marginal tax on non-super investment occurs monthly
All post tax super contributions are non-concessional
The cap on non-concessional contributions reverts to zero once super balance reaches Maximum Balance Transfer Cap
Non-concessional contributions are capped
If employer superannuation contributions cease due to Concessional Cap being reached, there is no compensating uplift in gross pay
All salary is subject to SGC
A Defined Benefit fund nullifies SGC, however Salary Sacrifice into an accumulation fund is still catered for
Personal tax rate changes proposed for 2024 will come into effect
Retirement income needs only commence once both partners are retired
Both partners have a similar risk profile and investment strategy, thus experience the same growth rate in assets

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